1. Can the photographs of the scaled models be a separate submission?

- No, there won't be a separate submission apart from the 1 A1 sized sheet, the 1 A4 sized PDF of the write-up and the Bonafide letter. All images, documentation, text required for your presentation shall be accommodated either in the 1 A1 sized sheet or 1 A4 sized PDF.

2. Can the teams comprise of students from different years?

- Yes, the teams can comprise of students from different years.

3. Can one student be a part of two or more teams?

- No.

4. How many teams from one college can participate?

- As many as you want. The ACA's 4th International Design Competition encourages participation of multiple teams of students belonging to same College/ University/ Department/ Institute.

5. Should the 1 A1 sized sheet be in Potrait or Landscape form?

- That is a choice your team can make. You may choose either Potrait or Landscape based on your design composition.

6. Are we supposed to refer to the book/writers mentioned in the brief?

- Not necessarily. The Interpretation of the Brief is subjective to your own understanding of The Inhabiting Nature

7. Can we ideate on our own programs for the design intervention?

- Yes.

8. Could you elaborate on the term "Architectural Drawings"?

- Representational Drawings such as Plans, Sections, Elevations, Detail drawings, Isometric and Axonometric projections.

9. What is a Bonafide letter?

- A Bonafide letter is a document certifying your admission to your School/ College/ Department in the University/ Institute. You shall have to make a common Bonafide letter for your entire team.

10. Will the participants get a participation certificate?

- Yes, it will be sent to you through email once the competition is over.

11. Are there any registration charges?

- No.

12. How can I check the competition schedule or any change in dates of submissions?

- For Competition Stages please refer to Introduction tab. In case of any changes in the schedule a notification will be sent to the email ID with which you have registered for the competition on the website. Important updates will also be put on the website.

13. Which types of files can I submit? What are the possible formats?

-You may choose to Submit the entries in the PDF, JPG or JPEG Format.

14. Can you elaborate in more detail about the Submission Window?

In order to account for the variations in Academic Schedules globally, the second stage of the Competition is the Submission Window Stage. What it implies is that a Submission Window shall open on the 13th of August, 2017 and close on the 1st of October, 2017. Online Submission of entries shall be accepted during this window only. No entry shall be accepted post the 1st of October, 2017 and the last updated entry shall be considered as final and shall be judged upon. All Submissions shall be made in PDF or JPEG format only. Submissions shall be made only through the Unique USER ID that your team has used to Register for the Competition on our website.